True Utility - Minimalist - Bare Essentials 8 Tools in 1 Pocket Tool

True Utility - Minimalist - Bare Essentials 8 Tools in 1 Pocket Tool

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Product Description

Stripped down to bare essentials, snap and clip this compact multi-function pocket tool to your clothing, bag or keyring, and keep a versatile mini tool kit with you wherever you go. 
Measuring just 86 x 20 x 12mm when closed, the high quality multi-tool design provides you with a full array of useful tools such as bottle opener, file, Phillips screwdriver, wire cutter and flat screwdriver, plus a decent (UK legal) non-locking pocket knife. 
Compact and light enough to fit in your pocket or hang on your keyring, the black titanium coated stainless steel mini multi-tool is tough, durable and perfect for fishing, camping, cycling or everyday use.
Time and time again, TRUE UTILITY has delivered on the promise to provide quality products that make life better, more practical and fun. For over 15 years, we've been providing our famous every day carry pocket tools, multi-tools and outdoor gear to over 55 countries around the world and thousands of UK independent retail stores as well as Britain's largest retail stores.
The spirit of ingenuity, innovation and quality is expressed in everything we do. Originality and practicality is key to the brand - even our crystal clear packaging is reusable. We design solutions that are fresh and innovative but also functional and affordable.

  • BARE ESSENTIALS: Simple, compact and stripped down mini pocket knife and multi-tool ideal for cycling, fishing and more.
  • PORTABLE MULTI-TOOL: Snap and clip to your clothing, bag or keyring - keep your mini tool kit conveniently accessible.
  • VERSATILE TOOL SET: Includes bottle opener, file, Phillips screwdriver, wire cutter, flat screwdriver and a non-locking knife (UK legal).
  • TOUGH & STRONG: Pocket multi-tool is made of durable black titanium coated stainless steel.
  • TRUE UTILITY: From every day carry, to outdoors and beyond, TRUE UTILITY makes life better for millions of consumers around the world.