True Utility - CardSmart 30-in-1 Wallet Multi-Tool

True Utility - CardSmart 30-in-1 Wallet Multi-Tool

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86 × 54 × 2 مم


Product Description

This is the ultimate credit card-sized mini multi-tool with more functions packed in than ever before.

Featuring 30 useful tools in 1 compact design, the CardSmart is so small and light, simply slip the clever 86 x 54 x 2mm multi-tool into your wallet, pocket or bag and be ready for virtually any emergency or daily task. The clever tool kit includes 1 x Phillips screwdriver, 3 x flat screwdrivers, 20 x wrenches, 1/4” hex drive, bicycle spoke spanner, pry bar, can opener, bottle opener, rulers, protractor and lanyard attachment to make it truly portable.

The innovative wallet-sized multi-tool design means you will always have the CardSmart with you in an emergency – perfect for travel, camping, fishing, cycling trips or just everyday DIY. Crafted from black titanium coated stainless steel, this compact pocket multi-tool will soon become the most valuable item in your wallet.

Time and time again, TRUE UTILITY has delivered on the promise to provide quality products that make life better, more practical and fun. For over 15 years, we've been providing our famous every day carry pocket tools, multi-tools, and outdoor gear to over 55 countries around the world and thousands of UK independent retail stores as well as Britain's largest retail stores.

The spirit of ingenuity, innovation, and quality is expressed in everything we do. Originality and practicality is key to the brand - even our crystal clear packaging is reusable. We design solutions that are fresh and innovative but also functional and affordable.

  • EMERGENCY TOOL KIT: Credit card sized mini multi-tool fits in your wallet - always be prepared.
  • 30 POCKET TOOLS: Includes screwdrivers, wrenches, hex drive, bicycle spanner, pry bar, can and bottle opener, rulers, protractor and lanyard attachment.
  • TOUGH MULTI-TOOL: Made of black titanium coated stainless steel, the pocket toolset is small, light and portable.
  • VERSATILE GIFT: Ideal for anyone who enjoys camping, fishing, cycling, or just loves clever mini tools and gadgets.
  • TRUE UTILITY: From everyday carry, to outdoors and beyond, TRUE UTILITY makes life better for millions of consumers around the world.