Marttiini - Martef Skinning Knife

Marttiini - Martef Skinning Knife

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Martef-coated hunting knives are excellent tools for hunters.
The dirt and moisture repelling Martef coating reduces friction to almost zero whilst protecting the blade against corrosion. Due to the coating the blade moves extremely smoothly through cut meat or fish, and cleaning the blade after use is extremely easy.

The skinning hook is an excellent tool for opening deer. The hook at the back of the knife helps to open the animal without touching internal organs, whilst the round shape of the blade ensures that the hide comes away cleanly and intact. The hook can be sharpened with a pen type sharpener The orange rubber handle and finger guard ensure user comfort and safety. Due to the sharpening angle of the stainless chrome steel blade, the knife can be used as a normal knife. A true multi-purpose knife for hunters.


  • Length of blade : 11 cm
  • Total length : 25 cm
  • Blade material : stainless steel, Martef coating
  • Handle material : rubber, orange
  • Sheath material : leather. black