WOW - Big Boy

WOW - Big Boy

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30.000 KD
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غطاءكامل نايلون مع سحاب
حزام مزدوج ومقابض مفصليه آمنه
نظام سحب قوي
منصات جلوس مريحه 
جسم بلاستيكي قوي 
صمام امان لمنع الانكماش ولذياده السرعه
مصمم بشكل رأس سهم لسرعه الحركه
كفي حتى اربعه اشخاص
يصلح للبحيره والنهر والبحر
الابعاد مضخمه78*79.5
الابعاد مفرغه69*69



A big tube for big guys and girls or for several young kids. This towable can be ridden by 1-4 people. The large center hole also allows for two young kids or a parent and their child to ride together or ride sitting on the edge with your feet in the middle. A traditional concept that provides a fun yet stable ride. The arrowed shaped design allows for more stability and control than a round tube.

  • TUFF SHELL Partial Nylon Cover
  • Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder
  • Air Cushioned Floor for Comfort Riding
  • Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards
  • Reinforced Towing System
  • Speed Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation
  • Zippered Valve Cover
  • Custom Designer Graphics
  • Heavy-Duty Arrow Shape Construction for Stability and More Control for the Rider
  • Great Ride for Adults and Kids
  • Dimensions Inflated 69 x 69 IN
  • Dimensions Deflated 79.5 x 78 IN