True Utility - SporKnife/Spoon/Fork/Knife Tool Kit

True Utility - SporKnife/Spoon/Fork/Knife Tool Kit

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أداة متعددة الإستعمال

وصف المنتج
ملعقة ، شوكة ، وسكين وفتاحة زجاجات في أداة واحدة مدمجة
مجهزة للالتصاق على حزامك أو حلقة رئيسية مع مقطع مفيد سريعة الإصدار
مصنوعة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ وأقفال بسهولة في شكل مضغوط
كبيرة للتخييم ،  خفيفة ، تصلح للنزهات ، العمل أو السفر
مغلقه 1.77*4انش

Product Description:

This Stainless Steel folding and locking fork, spoon and bottle opener combined with a lightly serrated blade into one Multi-Tool. Equipped to hang on your belt or key-ring with a handy quick release clip. For use when camping, eating your daily lunch at work, at home, or when traveling. A generously sized spoon, with fork tips on end. The opposite side is used for cutting with a gently serrated edge. Folds to a compact size and locks open for comfortable use.

  • Spoon, fork, and knife and bottle opener in one compact tool
  • Equipped to clip onto your belt or key ring with handy quick release clip
  • Made from stainless steel and easily locks into compact format
  • Great for camping, snacking, picnics, work or traveling
  • Measures 4 x 1.77 in. when closed and 6.38 x 1.77 in. when open