Latvian Torch (23-28 CM / Medium)

Latvian Torch (23-28 CM / Medium)

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حطب الشعلة 

الشعلة السويدية تعتبر مناسبة كشعلة للتدفئة او الطبخ و ايضا لتجهيز الشاي و القهوة حيث انها تستمر بالاشتعال من ٢ الى ٤ ساعات متواصلة
.اضف الى رحلتك الشعلة السويدية و استمتع بمنظرها الجميل و الدافئ مع سهولة الاستخدام و صغر الحجم



A Vulcano is ideal for picnics, hiking, fishing, camping and beach parties. It can also be used for cooking, water heating or as a light source.

It is a perfect product for fireplaces and fire pits or just for camping. Swedish torch Vulcano is 100% environmentally friendly. The product includes a natural linen fibre rope handle and  a firelighter made from recycled products. A Vulcano burns completely and leaves no trash.

Enjoy a cosy fireplace anytime and anywhere you like.