Surefire - LED Wrist Light

Surefire - LED Wrist Light

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كشاف +ساعه يد


الإخراج / وقت التشغيل 
عالية: 300 شمعة / ساعة واحدة
المتوسط: 60 شمعة / 4 ساعات
منخفض: 15 شمعة / 13 ساعة
طول الضوء الأبيض: 2.36 بوصة
الوزن ث / البطاريات: 3.75 أوقية
صنع في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

يوفر هذا الكشاف القابل لأعاده الشحن اضاءه مميزه اينما تحتاج اليه دون الحاجه ان تمسكه باليد وهذا ما يتيح لك سيناريوهات مختلفه من الاضاءه بما في ذلك اثناء العمل لنه مذود بساعه يدمتكامله يمكنك ربطها بمعصمك عندما تمسك عدتك بمعصمك مما يؤدي الي اصدار قدر كاف من الاضائه لتوضح لك ما تقوم به من اعمالوتكون اضائتك قريبه منك وفي موقع تكتيكي اثناء عملك لتوفر لك مستوى انتاج مثالي واداء عملك بنجاح كما يمكنك التحكم في مستوى الضائه من ثلاثه مستويات مختلفه 300او60او15 شمعه اما المستييب الاولين  فهما ساطعين بما يكفي لتغطيه اكبر مساحه للرؤيه في اي ظرف واحلك ظلام اما المستوى الادنى فهو يكون مثالي للاشياء القريبه التي تحتاج للتوضيح فقط  انها مناسبه وقويه جدا فهي تتميز بهيكل الوميد الصلب القوي المطلي بأكسيد الالومنيوم هي ساعه وكشاف عمليين جدا لأنهما يعملان ببطاريه ليثيوم قابله للشحن ,انها هديه جيده جدا



  • Output/Runtime — White LightLength: 2.36 inches
    • High: 300 lumens / 1 hour*
    • Med: 60 lumens / 4 hours
    • Low: 15 lumens / 13 hours

  • Weight w/Batteries: 3.75 ounces
  • Made in the USA


    The rechargeable SureFire 2211® Signature WristLight provides hands-free tactical illumination for a broad range of low-light scenarios—including use with a handgun—and also features a fully integrated quality timepiece. When strapped to your support-side wrist, the 2211 Signature automatically aligns with a handgun when the weapon is held with a standard two-handed grip, projecting sufficient light for threat identification at close to medium range in low light and darkness. Its broad MaxVision Beam™, created by a precision faceted reflector that shapes the LED’s output into a seamless wall of white light, is generated at three output levels: 300, 60, and 15 lumens. The first two levels are bright enough to overwhelm an aggressor’s dark-adapted vision, providing a tactical advantage, and the lowest output level is perfect for tasks that don’t require so much light, such as loading gear. There’s even an optional 2211 WristLight Conversion Headstrap accessory (sold separately) that allows you to convert the WristLight into a headlamp, for tasks where you need both hands and the light source a bit farther back, such as working on an engine.

    The virtually indestructible LED’s output is controlled via either of two ambidextrous switches found on the WristLight’s rugged, hard-anodized aluminum body. The LED is powered by a rechargeable lithium- ion battery that’s easily charged using an included micro-USB cable—there’s even an integral LED fuel gauge that lets you know when the WristLight needs charging. Just like our 2211® Luminox® WristLight, the Signature model features a fully integrated watch. For a go-anywhere tactical light with a fully integrated timepiece—at an attractive price point to boot—you can’t go wrong with a SureFire 2211 Signature WristLight.

    • Straps to support-hand wrist, via its adjustable nylon strap, for instant access to 300 lumens and automatic alignment with handgun
    • Precision faceted reflector creates perfect MaxVision Beam. that’s wide and evenly dispersed
    • Ambidextrous switching activates three levels of useful light: 300, 60, and 15 lumens
    • A quality timepiece is fully integrated into the body for added functionality
    • Fuel gauge indicates remaining battery power
    • Powered by a single rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Guarantee