Surefire - Earlocks® (ELU1) (Black)

Surefire - Earlocks® (ELU1) (Black)

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ساعد تثبيت سماعات

تناسب اغلب سماعات الاذن الدائريه وذلك لأن حلقاتها الحاصله على براءة اختراع والمصممه بشكل مريح ومناسب للاذن الخارجيه

يمكنها ان تمسك وتحتفظ بثبات السماعات في مكانها  بالاذن بشكل صحيح هي مثاليه اثناء السير او ركوب الدراجه اوحتى اثناء ممارسه الجري

تناسب بشكل آمن ومريح في الأذن الخارجية
مصممة لدعم أسلوب حياة انشط
 يوفر دقة صوت متفوقة
 طبية ولينة دائما 
لا تتأثر بالماء او التعرق
 صنع في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكي




  • Fit securely and comfortably into outer ear
  • Designed to support an active lifestyle
  • Better fit provides superior audio fidelity
  • Medical-grade hypoallergenic polymer is soft & highly durable
  • Water/sweat proof
  • Proudly made in USA



    EarLocks® fit securely to APPLE EARPODS® and most circular earbuds. The patented EarLock retention rings comfortably lock into key points of your ear to hold earbuds securely yet comfortably in place. Earbuds will no longer have a problem staying put. EarLocks are ideal for an active lifestyle like jogging or cycling. This near-perfect fit will optimize the fidelity of the music delivered by your phone or other mobile device, since the earbud is now nearer to your canal opening. And the durable, hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer is comfortable against your skin and maintains its shape for long-term use. One size fits most everyone.

    EARLOCK® is a SureFire, LLC registered trademark.

    EARPODS® and APPLE EARPODS® are trademarks owned by Apple, Inc.