Shurhold - Fishing Series 6' Telescoping Extension Handle with 43"-72" Locking Length

Shurhold - Fishing Series 6' Telescoping Extension Handle with 43"-72" Locking Length

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يأتي هذا التصميم بثلاثة أحجام:

مقبض بطول:153 سم 
أقفال تليسكوب 6 أقدام (183 سم) بأربعة أطوال تتراوح بين 40 بوصة و 72 بوصة (101 سم - 152 سم)833
أقفال تليسكوب 9 أقدام (274 سم) في خمسة أطوال بين 60 بوصة و 108 بوصة (152 سم -274 سم) 855
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The One-Handle-That-Does-It-All! Our handles are made with triple anodized aluminum and are compatible with more than 40 different attachments. The Fishing Series is custom wrapped to match your favorite set of fishing rods.

If you've ever spent time on a fishing boat or near a marina, you've likely seen those professional fishing rods that look so nice sitting in the rod-holders. Now you can have Shurhold poles with the same appearance!

Shurhold's Fishing Series handles are made with the same heat-treated, anodized aluminum as the original handles, but focus on a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The sleek, black handles are wrapped in gold trim and have extra long foam grips, which match many high-end rods. These handles also have Shurhold's SHUR-LOK technology, so they quickly and easily lock into more than 40 different attachment heads. 

This design comes in three sizes:

  • 5 ft (152 cm) fixed length handle SKU# 760FS
  • 6 ft (183 cm) telescoping- locks at four lengths between 40 inches and 72 inches (101 cm-152 cm) SKU# 833FS
  • 9 ft (274 cm) telescoping- locks at five lengths between 60 inches and 108 inches (152 cm-274 cm) SKU# 855FS