Marttiini - Filleting knife 4" Classic

Marttiini - Filleting knife 4" Classic

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The stainless steel used by Marttiini is an easy-to-care blade material with a long-lasting sharpness. The chromium content of the alloy is 13% and the hardness of the alloy is 53-54 Rockwell units (HRC). Diamond sharpeners are recommended for sharpening chrome steel. 



Ordinary birch birch is also used as a material for many traditional Marttiini knives. Birch creates a durable and restrained elegant handle.


Martini knife leather sheaths are made of either vegetable or chrome tanned beef leather. Leather hides are purchased from both Europe and South America. The sheaths are made of both natural and dyed leather.

Knife sheaths are still mostly handmade. Each sheath should be exactly the same size and shape to form a matching pair with the knife. The skin is cut with a model iron, and the seams are glued together before sewing. Most sheaths have a plastic mite inside which supports the sheath and protects the blade.

Sheath prints are made either on the sheath clip or on the finished sheath. Rivets and a possible bronze collar reinforce and adorn the sheath.


  • Blade: stainless steel
  • Handle: birch
  • Sheath: leather
  • Blade length: 10 cm
  • Overall length: 20 cm