JBL - 2.5mm Vertigo One Piece Wetsuit

JBL - 2.5mm Vertigo One Piece Wetsuit

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لبس مصمم للبير فيشينق - سماكة 2.5 مم - كاموفلاج - مصنوع من مادة النيوبرين القابلة للتمديد - مزود بضمادات للكربتين و الصدر - جيب للسكين او الأكسسوارات

The next generation of aquatic camouflage.  The only suit with a 2-stage pattern designed to keep body profiles distorted and undetected.  Complex Vertigo Camouflage features full-color geometric micro and interrupting macro patterns.  Virtually impossible for fish to determine the size, range, speed, and heading of Spearo. 

2.5mm one-piece suit.  Features super-stretch neoprene, padded chest load pad and, integrated knife/ accessory pocket.


  • One-Piece Suit, Non-Hooded Steamer
  • Lined Yamamoto Neoprene (Grade 39)
  • Knee and Chest Loading Pad
  • Lycra Binding on cuff and rubber seal around neck
  • YKK Zipper up the back with added velcro to secure zipper