Hurricane - Spider Crab

Hurricane - Spider Crab

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اربع حبات شريب صناعي  

Features and Specifications

  • Hurricane Spider Crabs are sold in a Packet of 4 lures (jig heads which are sold separately on this listing also come in a packet of 4).
  • Crab Lure Colours in Natural styles and colors
  • Natural crab action
  • Hurricane Spider Crab Lure floats when unweighted
  • Claws float in a natural position weighted or unweighted
  • Constructed from Flexitech Plastics, 10 times stronger than standard soft plastics material
  • Ideal for bream, flathead and a huge variety of other fish in lakes and rivers, beach gutters and off the rocks.

Notes: Prices of the lures and jig heads vary Price is for 1 packet only and lures and jig heads are not sold as a combo, they are priced separately and you can order them from our order menu above.


  • The brilliant imitation of a real crab ensures the fish attack Hurricane Spider Crab Lures aggressively.
  • The ability to use weighted or unweighted provides the angler with flexibility and options.
  • Durable construction materials ensure you keep your lure for countless casts.

For those anglers who enjoy fishing with crab baits, you now have the perfect imitation available that is shore to yield astonishing results. The Hurricane Spider Crab Lures and Jig Heads are your fast track to crab bait glory. Grab a selection now.