Hurricane - Stik 40

Hurricane - Stik 40

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الطول: 40 ملم
نمط: الجسم الصلب ، غرق ، البلمة stik
الوزن: 2.6 جرام
السنانير: التريبل ، سوبر شارب BKK - نعم تم إغراء إغراء مع السنانير
رائع لبريم. جيد على قدم المساواة على جميع الأنواع مصب لدينا
ملاحظة: الصورة للتمثيل فقط - السعر لإغراء واحد فقط وليس 40 (Stik 40 هو النموذج)

There is something extra special about lures designed by an Aussie fisherman simply because he loves it. You can rest assured every lure has been designed based on experience, local knowledge, and passion. Peter Nord is the Aussie innovator behind Hurricane fishing Lures. The Stick 40 Lure is one of ‘Nordy’s’ creations. It has been designed, manufactured and proven on the back of countless hours on the water chasing Bream. When asked about The Stick 40 Nordy is quick to remind us that if they work on Bream, you can rest assured they will work on everything else in the estuary.

The Lure sinks vertically. It has a side, fast wobble, flutter action that fish cannot resist. They can be used on Jetties, pylons, thrown up against boat hulls, rock walls, flats, deep water and any other type of structure that retains fish. The Stik 40 is a 40mm sinking stick minnow that is designed to sink just that little bit slower than similarly styled lures. The idea is that the slower sinking rate keeps the lure in the strike zone a fraction longer.

The lure looks fantastic - Top shelf quality is apparent on the first view. The range of colors gives anglers plenty of options to try so you can rig up to suit your conditions and location. (price is only for 1 lure – make your choice when ordering).

There are so many pretenders flooding the lure market. Avoid them. Get quality you can depend on. Get yourself one or a selection of Hurricane Stik 40 lures.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 40mm
  • Style: Hardbody, sinking, stick minnow
  • Weight: 2.6g
  • Hooks: Treble, Super Sharp BKK - yes lure is rigged with hooks
  • Fabulous for Bream. Equally good on all our estuary species

Note: Image is for illustration only – Price is for 1 lure only NOT 40 (Stik 40 is the model)


  • Australian design. Proven on Aussie fish and conditions.
  • Awesome lure for the Bream specialist or river fisherman.
  • Great casting qualities and slower sinking rate to keep the lure in the strike zone longer.

The Hurricane Stik 40 lure is perfect for river and estuary. Their action invites frenzied attacks from mesmerized fish. They slam the lure hard resulting in better, more frequent hookups. Anglers frequenting harbors, rivers, and estuaries should not be without a selection of stick ’40s in the top drawer of their tackle boxes. The stick 40 will catch you fish. Put some in your shopping basket now.