Multi Clean+ c34

Multi Clean+ c34

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BIZOL Multi Clean+ c34


  1. fast and gentle cleaning for almost all surfaces
  2. extreme high dirt removal properties
  3. effective universal cleaner

Product Description

BIZOL Multi Clean+ c34 is an effective universal cleaner that removes non-polar and polar contaminations from treated and untreated metal parts and various types of plastic. It has high dissolving properties and leaves no residue, is non-conductive and non-corrosive. It comes with a Cobra jet spray head that can be used upside down.


Spray on bearings, machine parts, gear wheels, garden tools, locks, garden furniture, rails, windows, fastenings, axles.


The aerosol should have room temperature. Best processing temperature 5 to 30°C. Before use, shake the aerosol. Before treatment, cover conductive parts and switch off electrical installations. Spray the parts to be treated and allow to take effect. Remove persistent contamination using a brush. Repeat the treatment till the contamination has disappeared. Contaminated industrial cleaner should be regarded as chemical waste.