AC Clean+ c30

AC Clean+ c30

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BIZOL AC Clean+ c30


  1. fast and long lasting effect
  2. eliminates bad smell from air conditioning
  3. fresh subtle orange scented
  4. for vehicle and home air conditioning systems

Product Description

BIZOL AC Clean+ c30 effectively cleans the home and vehicle air conditioning systems. It has a fresh and subtle orange scent as well as a long lasting smell protection. We recommend cleaning the air conditioning system every 6 months. Special adapter enclosed.

Spray it into the Air Conditioning inlet.


The aerosol should have room temperature. Best processing temperature 5 to 30°C. Before use, shake the aerosol. Before treatment, switch off the engine and the electrical installations. Apply the foam to the condenser of the air conditioning by means of the enclosed adapter. Insert the adapter about 30 centimetres into the air inlet of the air conditioning and completely empty the can. The location of the air inlet differs per brand. After applying, do not switch on the engine or the electrical installation