Baltic - 150 Winnerzip Auto

Baltic - 150 Winnerzip Auto

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بلتك-150 وينرزيب اوتو

الحجم 40-150 كجم - الصدر 70-145 سم (28 "- 57") أحزمة الخصر حتى 127 سم 50 "

Baltic - 150 Winnerzip Auto
Size 40-150kg - Chest 70-145cm (28"- 57") Waistbelt size up to 127cm (50")

Baltic Winner Lifejacket with longer lasting Zip instead of Velcro closure. Special features are the two "quick release" openings, one to access the mouth inflation tube and the other the gas inflation mechanism 

A comfortable and stylish inflatable lifejacket that is tested to 165N with automatic or manual inflation. Includes Crotch Strap

  • Comfortable fleece lined collar
  • Easily adjustable waistband
  • Oral inflation-deflation tube
  • Lifting becket
  • Whistle
  • Fitted Crotch Strap included
  • Six retro-reflective patches and toggles
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Baltic Quality: Each lifejacket comes with a 5-year guarantee - Manufactured in Europe in the Baltic factory - The Swedish made bladder is test inflated before and after manufacture for every lifejacket - The oral tube is checked and stamped