ARB - Soft Rope Recovery Shackle 32,000lbs with Protective Sleeve and Gift Bag ARB2017

ARB - Soft Rope Recovery Shackle 32,000lbs with Protective Sleeve and Gift Bag ARB2017

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Product Description

Introducing the ARB Soft connect shackle to the comprehensive ARB recovery line up. Manufactured using UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecule Weight Polyethylene) high tensile CE certified rope to form the soft shackle. UHMWPE rope is used in many of the synthetic rope applications on winches and purpose-built tow straps. Rated at 14.5T Breaking strength the ARB Soft connect shackle is engineered to float in water, be resistant to short term UV radiation and provide superior strength.

Providing protection to the UHMWPE rope used, the shackle is encased in a Hypalon sleeve. Hypalon provides excellent abrasion resistance to protect the UHMWPE rope and better protect against cuts and abrasions. It is commonly used by climbers and provides protection to their ropes and straps. It is also used in many other outdoor textile equipment and provides excellent abrasion resistance. Because the sleeve suffers the majority of abrasion in recoveries it can be easily replaced with replacement sleeves available in store in packs of 2.

The soft shackle connection is formed; by passing the large ball end knot through the open loop, the loop tightens around the knot when used and pulls securely against the large formed knot during the recovery. The knot cannot let go and loop tightens securely around the knot forming the connection. (Image 1) The ARB Soft Connect shackle is suitable for Vehicles up to 3.5T GVM.

ARB Soft Connect Shackle acts as a fuse in a recovery situation, breaking generally before any rated metal components it’s attached too should break at. This removes flying metal projectiles in recovery situations and provides a safer recovery for persons involved in the recovery and bystanders. The ARB soft connect shackle also provides flexibility for attaching your strap to a rated recovery point on your vehicle. As always follow correct recovery procedures and put safety for you and everyone else first before attempting any recovery.